Wiper Blade Cutter Review: A List of Best Wiper Blade [ Updated ]

Wiper Blade Review: You may not take your razor seriously until you receive a last-minute invite to a pool party. You are not left with enough time to visit your salon for a painful waxing session; this is when your razor comes as a saviour. But, that’s when you realize that the blades have gone old and aren’t shard any longer. Well, that’s still a manageable crisis.

Similarly, we take our car wipers very casually and pay no attention to it. Just like most people, we expect the wiper to miraculously wipe our windshield only by switching it on, on a rainy day.

But, you do surely don’t want to find yourself caught up in a torrential downpour to realize that your wiper blades are not functional enough to provide you with a safe and secure drive. This is when a handy, portable, reliable wiper blade trimmer comes in play as a savior.

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Best Wiper Blade Cutter 2022

Trimmer Brand Name Price
Ecocut Pro Windshield Wiper Trimmer Check Price
ATG Universal Windshield Wiper Regroover Check Price
Dual Cut 727 Windscreen Wiper Shaving Tool Check Price

Wiper Blade Cutter List

  1. ATG Universal Windshield Wiper Regroover

  2. Dual Cut 727 Windscreen Wiper Shaving Tool

  3. Ecocut Pro Windshield Wiper Trimmer

  4. Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade

  5. ANCO 31-Series 31-24 Wiper Blade

  6. Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

When Is it Time to Check Your Wiper Blades?

It is crucial for drivers to have working windshield wipers all the time. The time during summer or just after summer is the time when every car owner must check their wipers ( even during monsoon at regular intervals). Most countries experience scorching and intense heat, which cause the wiper blades to deteriorate quickly.

During June to September, most areas in India receive torrential downpour which is decremental for the wiper blades. Rains and intense heat leads to a rapid change in the chemical composition of the rubber.

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When Do You Need to Use a Trimmer?

Wiper blades must be able to quickly sweep off water from the windshield (a primary function of a windshield as known by everyone). The moment you notice skipping, squeaking or streaking from your wiper blades, it is either time to replace them entirely or to use a wiper blade trimmer/cutter (better and economical option).

Wiper blades can be checked for any tears or cracks by pulling the arm away from the windshield and giving it a quick check.

Wiper Blade Reviews

Wiper Blade Review

Ecocut Pro Windshield Wiper Trimmer

With razor-sharp blades, ECOCCUT Pro cuts off the damaged windscreen wiper rubber precisely in as quick as 3 seconds, and you get a smooth sharp-edged wiper blade. The wiper blade looks as good as new and works cleanly and delivers a good mop.

This product is adaptable to any car type and any blade , so dont have to search for a perfect trimmer secially for your car blades. It works on all well known wiper blades such as bosch basis, bosch twin, bosch aerotwin etc.

It also works perfectly on the original wiper blades of VW, mercedes, BMW etc. It shows the direction in which the blades must be pulled, so thats convenient before you rate it badly just because you pulled it in the wrong direction

Product Description

  • Item weight- 31.8g
  • Product Dimensions – 6*4*3.5cm


  • Economical
  • Time-saving
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Easy and Quick Application


  • Instructions Written in German

ATG Universal Windshield Wiper Regroover


It is made up of high-quality titanium nitride stainless steel blade. Since you are post-processing, you have avoided unnecessary purchase of new wiper, thereby saving money and not creating useless waste which is difficult to dispose of.

This product is long-lasting and is value for money. It provides sharp cutting for the wiper, and absolute clarity is guaranteed. Suitable for the left as well as right-handers.

Suitable for all common quality wipers. This is super convinient as both the blade and the cleaning sponge is in one single piece. It indicates the direction of movement as well.

This one has a added grip to it which makes it even more comfortable for anyone to use and you do not have to worry about your fingers slipping. Only drawback is that it has only one slot and may not be used multiple times as the ones with 2 slots available


  • Precise
  • Reuseable
  • Safe
  • Ergonomic
  • Universal


  • Little on the Pricey Side as Compared to other Similar Products in the Market

Dual Cut 727 Windscreen Wiper Shaving Tool

Dual Cut 727 Windscreen Wiper Shaving Tool

Brand new Now with improved blade Titanium Nitride Stainless Steel Blade from Solingen. Economical for the environment and money bag.  The product comes in a pack with a portable palm-size trimmer and a small sponge.

It is four-sided with soft corners and is very convenient to grip upon. It does not have an extra grip to ensure that it doesn’t slip off, but still is pretty convenient to hold onto because of its more trapezium shape.

It has primarily two slots, where one slot is slightly deeper than the other. So you can use the slot 1 on your first use and the slot 2 for your second use. Like this you can easily use the same wiper blades for three times after getting worn out for the first time.

All the uses combined it is absolutely worth the price and much convenient than buying new blades not only cost-wise but also convenience wise.

This is absolutely portable and can be stored easily in the car ready to be used whenever, unless you belong to my category of the careless people who keep losing things like key chains. (It is that small and portable)

Product Description

  • Item weight – 22.7g
  • 4.8*3.6*3.7 cm


  • Environmental Friendly
  • Economical
  • Easy to Use


  • Not very Quick as Compared to its Competitive Products in the Market
  • Does Not Work Well for Old Wipers which have Lost Elasticity

Pro Auto Car Wiper Cutter Repair Tool

Scientifically engineered microcrystals help to smooth away those rough edges that cause dangerous streaking. Easy to use – swipe blade through the Wizard. Safe and effective on all wiper blades. Make your wiper blades streak free , maybe. It gives you clear vision in rainy days, ensures your safety(definitely tries to).

For an honest review, it is not as good as the previous ECOCUT products mentioned earlier. One of the very small and negligible problems would be an  grip. A slightly bigger issue would be it is slow and takes time and even makes your wiper slow. And the major problem faced by most people is that does not bring any change to the wipers at all.

Now, you can still give it a try because it is one of the most inexpensive ones’s in its kind and comes with 5 soft sweeping cloth ( if that helps). You can be the lucky customer, who knows. Well as a plus point, it is aesthetic colour wise.and the material is more long-lasting as compared to plastic.

Product description

  • Material: plastic
  • Size: about 120x50x25mm
  • Color: yellow & black


  • Cost-Effective
  • Safe to Use
  • Works on all Type of Wipers


  • Not Long-lasting
  • A deviation of 1-3cm may be seen


Not the most recommended product of its type.

How to Use a Wiper Blade Trimmer?

  1. Pull away the wiper arm away from th windshield clean the wiper blades with a sponge that will be provided
  2. Add a little bit of any washing liquid to the slot of the cutter to ensure smooth gliding
  3. Insert the wiper blade
  4. Apply pressure equally and pull the cutter along the length of the blade.
  5. After trimming the worn-out part, clean the blades again with a moist sponge to ensure its free from any dirt collection and is entirely in a working condition.

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Hope this was helpful and alarming enough for you to invest in a good blade trimmer for a safe and smooth journey on the roads. Finally we have completed our post on Wiper blade review, if you like our post do must share with your friends who wants to know about Wiper blade review.