What is the Best Straight Razor Kit? 2022 Review and Buying Guide

Best Straight Razor Kit  The era when people used to stand outside the barber shop for long hours is slowly fading away. Nowadays people don’t want to wait any longer. There is also a risk of “Aids” as many barbers do fraud by using the same razor for different people.

This has bought in a change where people are purchasing their own razor set in order to save time and money. On the other side, throw away razors are getting much expensive nowadays.

In this way, one can easily shave at home whenever needed. It is always a great option to have a shaving kit at home which comes in handy during emergency. Everyone wants to kill time when the razor is already ready to use straight out of the box. Be it a party or an office presentation, a quick shave in time surely helps a person.

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A shaving kit also becomes helpful when guests or relatives come in your house. Therefore, it is almost mandatory for people to get their individual shaving kit.

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Best Straight Razor Kit


List of Best Straight Razor Kit

Razor Brand Name Price
A.P. Donovan - Excellent 7/8" Straight Razor Set Check Price on Amazon
Amazing Straight Razor Kit Check Price on Amazon
DOVO Olivewood Scales and Luxury Shave Set Check Price on Amazon
A.P. Donovan - Excellent 7/8" Straight Razor Check Price on Amazon
Black Wood Straight Razor Kit Check Price on Amazon
Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set Check Price on Amazon
Straight Razor Wood Shavette Kit Check Price on Amazon
Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set Check Price on Amazon
Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set Check Price on Amazon
The Blades Grim - Double Straight Razor Check Price on Amazon
GBS Premium Classic Straight Razor Shaving Set Check Price on Amazon

Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit 2022 Buying Guide

There are a lot of shaving kits available in the market today. It is difficult to choose the best kit for your needs. Therefore, we have listed some of the best shaving kits considering different factors. The factors are shaving kits for travellers, professionals, combo packs etc. You can have a look below.

#1. A.P. Donovan – Excellent 7/8″ Straight razor Set – cut throat incl. Brush, shaving soap, Strop (blade is not stainless) – Mahogany

A.P. Donovan - Excellent Straight razor Set

The A.P. Donovan – Excellent 7/8″ Straight razor Set is the first in our list, it is a great option to go for. The built quality of the complete set is good; it has also got attractive looks. The box is well designed with arabesque carvings holes in the lid and a classy metal buckle. The wood is handsome, well fitted made from the forests of Madagascar.

The set contains a highly polished blade which centers perfectly, be it any angle while shaving. You get a skin-gentle, friendly shaving experience. The scales are hefty enough for perfect balance when shaving compared to that heavier-than-average blade. The shaving brush is equipped with one of the highest quality material, durable and long lasting.

The topper is fitted in with badger’s hair and the handle is made up of fine mahogany wood. A stainless steel is bagged between the two for fine gripping.

The box comes with a shave ready pack and doesn’t let you down. It is carved with fancy antique brassy clasps with stylish looks. Altogether, it proves to be one of the best quality razor honors. The feel of the razor and the craftsmanship of the carrying case are of superior quality. Everything in the set leaves you spell bounded. You will be fascinated after seeing the shaving result.


  • Mahogany wood
  • Polished razor blade
  • Robust linen fabric leather strap
  • Japanese steel with great jimps


  • Sharp blade
  • Elegant looks
  • Perfect gripping
  • Worth buying

#2. Amazing Straight Razor Kit – Men Gifts,Everything in One Box,Quality Shave at Home,Sharp Straight Edge Razor,Best Japanese Steel,Strop,Brush,Shave Soap,Best Straight Razors for Men,Great Gifts For Men

Amazing Straight Razor Kit

As the name suggests “Everthing in box”, the Amazing Straight Razor Kit promises to stand 100% for its quote. It is superbly crafted to meet your needs and is one of the best options to go for in this price range. The Japanese steel blade is made a bit wider in order to get a correct angle while shaving.

This is beneficial for all and especially beginners who don’t want to take a risk on their first shaving experience. The blade is very sharp and cuts precisely. The algum wood handle fits in your hand comfortably with fine gripping. It is truly eye-popping red wood-grain and metal accents. The bristles are indeed high-quality badger and sufficiently dense.

The notches present at the lower back part of the blade are crafted excellently for better thumb control. The wood scale with gold copper caps gives you a perfect balance and great feel when using it.

Overall, you get a top class shaving result with the Amazing Straight Razor Kit. Everything in the kit is beautifully crafted and the smell of the soap is amazing. It hands down the best, giving you the closest shave ever.

It is one of the best professional straight razor kits available in the market today, and that too at such a reasonable price. You get a lifetime money back guarantee which makes it hard for anyone to ignore this awesome product.


  • Glassy smooth feel
  • Honed to perfection
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • HRC 61-63 Japanese steel blade


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Well designed
  • Abrasive leather strap

#3. DOVO Olivewood Scales and Luxury Shave Set

DOVO Olivewood Scales and Luxury Shave Set

The DOVO Olivewood Scales and Luxury Shave Set have the looks of a spectacle case enlarged. The box features a sharp razor which gives you the utmost best shave. It’s very sharp and ready to maintain and use. After a quick run, you will feel like a pro while gliding the blade. The olive handle looks elegant and is easy to hold.

You get a fine grip when using and the shaving results are good. The brush rubs your skin firmly, without any complaints of loose hairs. The soap gives you a soothing feeling while moving the running blade to any angle. The strop is also good but one needs to follow the x-pattern for sharper blade results. The mug also looks classy and fabulous, wearing the black paint outfit. The kit looks attractive, following the black and white combination. It gives you a feel of classic vintage era.

The DOVO Olivewood Scales and Luxury Shave Set give you the closest shave possible. The case is crafted perfectly, to meet your needs. It contains one of the best straight razors in this price range. The cut is surprisingly close for a single blade, letting you doubt to ever go back to a multi blade shaver. In short, a perfect starter kit with high quality materials and elegant design is what this set stands for.


  • Perfect gripping
  • Great badger brush
  • Skin-gentle shaving experience
  • Fine abrasive effect from leather


  • Long lasting
  • Finely crafted
  • Highly recommended

#4. A.P. Donovan – Excellent 7/8″ Straight Razor – Mahogany Handle – with strop and Wax

AP Donovan - Excellent Straight Razor

If you are looking only for a razor with strap, rather than a combo pack, then the A.P. Donovan shaving kit is there for you. It is also one of the best handmade professional tools for a perfect shave. It has a superb wooden box with great design. The combination of black, yellowish and dark brown with leather type looks is very appealing.

It has got lid holes to open it up from finger when needed. The cleaning of hairs, beard is perfect, thanks to the 64HRC Japanese steel blade. It is a top quality blade, wide, sharp and easy to use. The wood quality of the handle is made from the forest of Madagascar. There is a strop wax present for sharpening the blade with more precision.

The A.P. Donovan kit is beautifully crafted, pleasant to the eyes. The box/leather details are on point for the traditional look. You get a top notch quality of shave while using it. It is an ideal choice for the users who want to buy a sharp razor with long durability. However, you need to buy a shaving brush and cream separately.


  • Hardness up to 64HRC
  • Madagascar wood handle
  • High quality Japanese steel
  • Handmade professional tool


  • Superb looks
  • High quality razor
  • Unbeatable sharpness
  • Decorative real wood box

#5. Black Wood Straight Razor Kit – Amazing. Everything You Need in One Box – Cutthroat Shaving Sharp Edge Stainless Steel Blade + Leather Strop, Puck, Beginner Set, Balanced Wood Handle, Great Gift

Black Wood Straight Razor Kit

The Black Wood Straight Razor Kit clearly justifies it title “everything you need in one box”. The kit is fabulously crafted for the ones who want a complete set at an affordable budget. The box is well decorated from outside as well as inside. The red velvet cloth present inside the box looks fabulous. The things present inside are a razor, brush, cream, strop and a wax. The blade is a solid piece.

It is sharp, cuts off the utmost possible. The blade holder wood handle is accented with 115-grain gold copper heads for perfect equilibrium. The natural shaving soap present mixes well and gives fine results.

The Black Wood Straight Razor Kit is also among those sets which offer a combo pack at a budget friendly price. This set is also worth buying in this price range. Like most of the naked armor sets, this kit also comes with a lifetime money back guarantee.

You can go for it, if you are looking forward to enjoy a full barber shave experience at home. In short, the shaving kit is everything your man will need to shave. It is one of the perfect gifts for your loved ones.


  • Fairy wide blade
  • Biblical algum wood handle
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Easy to get the correct angle while shaving


  • Well packaged
  • Worth buying
  • Nice fragrance soap
  • Excellent outcome after shave

#6. Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set

Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set

The Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set is a complete pack in its kind. It is a great option for the ones who want to keep the classical old fashion still trending. The set packs in a razor, brush, strop, stone, cream and a bowl. The sharp blade gives the best shaving results. The razor has good weight, feel and balance.  The grip is completely fine while shaving, be it any angle.

You get a long 18” leather strop for sharpening the blade. The blade sharpens quickly when rubbing upon it. The brush hair is made up of badger; it gives a smooth touch while using it.

Overall, the users get a very comfortable feel while shaving from the Straight Razor Classical Ultimate 7 Pcs Shaving Set. All the products present inside the kit is of high-quality. The fit and finish of the handle to the frame is very good. The kit is elegant and well-made, perfectly designed to meet your needs. You get the well-cleaned shave result from the sharp blade.

The shiny black colored brush looks fabulous. The tortoise shell style straight razor also looks awesome.  However, a larger stone would have made it a good competitor against others.


  • Vintage style
  • 18” leather strop
  • Haryali London brand Leather strop
  • Tortoise Shell style Straight Razor Handle


  • A cool gift
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Perfectly bagged in

#7. Straight Razor Wood Shavette Kit with Leather Case, Brush and Bowl, Perfect Travel Kit

Straight Razor Wood Shavette Kit

The Black Wood Straight Razor Kit is a perfect choice for travelers who want to carry a shaving set every time along with them. It is a great option for all, especially business tycoons who travel a lot and need to have a presentable face (every now and then). The bag is well designed with a combo color of brown and orange, giving a near too fluorescent look. Inside the bag follows a blade holder, shaving brush and a bowl.

The product is great very sharp, fits in your hand well. The blade centers perfectly in the handle and is polished to a high shine. The blade holder weighs just 70gms and you get sharp shaving results. You also get a firm grip while using it, thanks to the mahogany wood at the back cap of the holder.

Overall, the Black Wood Straight Razor Kit is a nice choice for the people who want a quick run shave and consider portability as their first priority. It easily fits in your luggage bag, occupying very less space. The kit comes in a budget friendly price range and is worth your penny. The best part is that the set comes with a lifetime money back guarantee.


  • Affordable shaving kit
  • 5 to 10 shaves per blade
  • Impeccable close shaving
  • Lifetime money back guarantee


  • A good buy
  • Fine gripping
  • Awesome craftsmanship
  • A good choice for travelers

#8. Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set – Includes 100% Pure Badger Brush, Deluxe Chrome Shave Stand, Parker SR1 Shavette Razor and 100 Shark Super Stainless Razor Blades

Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set

The Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set is one of the best choices who don’t want to compromise on quality and prefer 100% badger brush. The kit is designed well for household, professional, barber shop use etc. The chrome handle is what makes this set stand apart from the crowd. Talking about its performance, the razor is very sharp which gives you best shaving results. The blade has a very subtle smile (curvature), but this won’t complicate the process of setting a bevel and honing a fine edge at your skill-level. The brush with badger hairs runs fine in your beard. You get 100 half blades for further use.

The kit is crafted perfectly, keeping in mind about the high-end models which acts a personality for any room. This is a good option for the ones who like to use the mirror present in their living room rather than washroom area. It is so because the set has got killer looks, pleasant to the eyes. So, it won’t be a trouble for the users to remove this shaving kit when guest come in their home. Instead, the heavyweight chrome with rubber line base acts as a showpiece in your drawing or living room. In short, the kit clearly points the word “looks great and shaves great”.


  • 100 half blades
  • Chrome handle
  • Amazing design
  • Parker’s SR1 stainless steel razor


  • Great quality
  • Smooth brush
  • Out of the box design
  • Much sharper blade than a disposable straight razor

#9. Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set with Santa Fe Bowl

Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set

The Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set packs in a lot of things for fine shaving. It has a sharp carbon steel razor with black acrylic handle. The razor is comfortable and light, easy to use with good balance. Other things include pre-shave oil, shaving cream, brush, a well-designed handmade bowl and after shave lotion. The brush quality is nice, you also get a much softer moisturized skin while while using oil and lotion. The overall built quality of the set is great.

The Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set features all the things needed for a perfect shave – both before and after shave.

The kit is an all-rounder pack for all the people who want extra add-ons when shaving. The thing which makes this kit apart from others is natural pre-shave oil present in the content box. The oil makes your skin much softer for smooth shaving while running the blade. It gives you a much better shaving experience without the fear of burn or irritation. Many might think that one can buy the oil separately after buying a normal shaving kit. But a combo offer altogether saves little pennies from your pocket.


  • Lavender scent
  • USA handcrafted bowl
  • An all-rounder shaving kit
  • 6/8″ Carbon Steel Straight Razor


  • Best results
  • Well crafted
  • Smooth Brush

#10. The Blades Grim – Double Straight Razor Luxury Wet Shaving Set

The Blades Grim - Double Straight Razor

The Blades Grim – Double Straight Razor Luxury Wet Shaving Set is also one of the best shaving kits in this budget range. The blade is perfectly designed to learn the art of straight shaving and stropping, without any worry. You get a very smooth feel while shaving. The blade is very sharp giving you the best precised shaving experience. The horn blunt razor is well built to give you a whooping clean shave, when using it from any angle.

It performs really well with a sharp clean finish. The back portion cap of the blade features a much fine detailed grain design for a perfect gripping. This makes it easy for the user to handle it without the fear of slip of hand. The brush is also well crafted with the looks of white peacock feather type bunched together. Like other shaving kits, there is a soap present made of different ingredients say coconut, different types of acid etc.

The Blades Grim – Double Straight Razor Luxury Wet Shaving Set has got the modern looks which are the one of the major demands for majority of the people. Everything about this product suggests quality and luxury. This modern day beauty holds a perfect edge for an easy shave, plus the weight is balanced to make the daily stopping motions amazingly natural and stress-free. The shave soap smells amazing and the quality of blade and design is premium.

The shaving kit simply stands out of the box which leaves behind no complain to ignore it. It is a great choice for anyone, be it beginners who want to start shaving.


  • 3″ Wide Super Strop
  • Smolder Shave Soap
  • Damascus Steel blade
  • Buffalo Horn Blunt Practice Straight Razor


  • Superior quality
  • Finest starter kit
  • Highly recommendable
  • Luxuriant pleasure to behold

#11. GBS Premium Classic Straight Razor Shaving Set – Shave Ready Straight Razor, Honing Sharpening Strop, Leather Case, Ceramic Mug, Badger Bristle Brush, Stand & Soap Vintage Wet Shaving Set (Ivory)

GBS Premium Classic Straight Razor Shaving Set

The GBS Premium Classic Straight Razor Shaving Set is one of the best shaving kits available in the market today. It packs in everything and leaves behind no complain. The 2 inches stainless steel razor features very dense sharp edge. It shall not crack or chip while shaving; you get a professional feel when using it. The leather case polishes the blade in a fine manner without any hastle. The brush is made of resin unlike other cheap quality brushes. The after shave deodorant is 100% free of any perfumes and chemicals.

It is made with all-natural products and comes in a variety of forms i.e. stones, sprays, roll-ons, powders etc.

The combo kit packs in an extra mug which can hold up to 4 oz of soap. A 3 oz soap comes included in the box. It assists the razor very well in order to prevent any kind of irritation or burn while shaving. It outputs a light masculine scent and is great for all types of skin (reduced chances for bumps or rashes).

In short, the GBS Premium Classic Straight Razor Shaving Set is perfectly designed to meet your needs. It stands for the term “excellent craftsmanship and quality all put together”.


  • Resin brush
  • Sharp blade
  • 3oz GBS Driftwood Shaving Soap
  • 5/8″ half Hollow Carbon Steel Razor


  • Solidly built
  • Reasonable rate
  • Top class quality
  • Best combination

Buying Guide: Best Straight Razor Kit?

Many people don’t find buying guide as a compulsory reading. But guidelines are one of the most important factors for the user. It clears few doubts which usually many customers ask for. Listed below are the three guidelines before buying a shaving kit.

Best Razor Set

The first and the foremost query which many people ask for is which razor set to go for? Well, the answer is this depends upon your budget and requirements. Say for example a user who does not shave very often and is tight on budget can go only for a GBS Premium Classic Straight Razor Shaving Set. For the users who shave every now and then and travel a lot, they can go for the Black Wood Straight Razor Kit. And for those users who want to get a barber shaving experience at home, they can go for the big kits with combo deals.

Unsharpened Blade

Many people have the query that the razor blade delivered is unsharpened. Thereby, it is always advisable to sharpen the blade before first usage. You can sharpen the blade by rubbing it on a leather strop in the x-pattern manner. There are also kits available which offer strop wax. You can apply the strop wax when needed before sharpening the blade.

Badger or Resin Shaving Brush

Many users have the query whether to look for a badger shaving brush or resin. Well, the answer is that both the brushes are perfectly alright and there will be no harm in your skin while using it. The only difference is that a badger brush is gives you a much softer and smooth feel while shaving. But trust me upon this; it won’t much of a difference to your shave. However, the demand of a badger brush is much higher than compared to others.

Question and Answers: Straight Razor Kit?

Is it really mandatory to buy a combo set or should I only go for a set with shaving brush and razor?

Only a shaving brush along with a razor is a good buy for the ones who only give priority to shaving rather than a pre shave oil, after shave lotion etc. But there are users who also believe to buy after shave lotion, cream etc. from a different brand. On the other hand, a combo set is always a profitable deal as because you get a margin discount when all the things are brought together.

How to know which blade is the best for shaving?

There are a lot of different blades available in the market. There is no particular brand which stands out to be the best of the best. All you can do is sharpen the blade in the leather strop before usage for better results.

How many times can I shave from a single blade?

If you shave a dense beard after long intervals, then a blade shall give you a backup of 2-3 times. In case you shave a light beard once a week, then a blade shall give you a backup of 5-8 times. However, it is always advisable to dry the razor after usage; else the blade will follow rust.

Which kit is best? A wooden box or a bag?

Well, both are good in their own ways. Let’s say a wooden box is hard, not prone to any damages, so the box and equipments are safe. A bag is light and can get torn during rough usage. However, for travelling purposes, it will be much easier to carry a bag rather than a wooden box. A bag can easily fit in rather than a compact wooden box. The wooden box is especially designed for the ones who want a complete set to place it in their rooms (near wash basin).

I am a beginner. Which shaving kit should I go for?

All the blades mentioned above are the good to go for. It is just a little practice which will make you confident while shaving. During the first shave, you might face some errors but it will take some time to increase your shaving skill from amateur to professional.

Conclusion: Best Straight Razor Kit?

These were some of the best shaving kits available in the market. If you see the list you might have noticed that mostly there are combo kits available. Others kits either follow up a good design type model or give limited equipments. Then there is also a travelling kit available. Now this is completely your call to check which option suits your needs. So which shaving kit are you going to buy? Do comment below.