How to Prevent Razor Bumps On Private Area [ Full Guide ]

Facing the problem of  bumps on your genital areas? well, that is itchy and irritating. Here are some ways you can prevent razor bumps on private area and solve your problem. After all shaving is the only popular and budget friendly way of removing pubic hair.This method may some times disappoint us by razor bumps or razor burns.

Now what are actually these, razor burns is basically the burning sensation caused after shaving and bumps are actually the ingrown hair and thus it is important to prevent razor bumps on private area  Now, removing hair from bikini areas may lead to razor burns, which at times causes discomfort and skin irritation.

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Besides it gives a bad appearance and makes the person cautious and less confident. Some people also use the method of shaving to remove hair from genital areas like vulva and labia. This often causes intense itching, burning sensation. and red bumps which are most painful and severe at times. As of course prevention is better than cure!

How to Prevent Razor Bumps On Private Area
How to Prevent Razor Bumps On Private Area

Things you Should Know to Prevent Razor Bumps on Your Private Area

There are several things you need to know to prevent razor bumps on private area, treating the pubic areas well before you shave will do the needful. This will reduce the chances of ingrown hair or razor bumps up to a great extent-

1. Take a bath using warm water and make sure you wet your skin and hair well.

2. Lather well using a mild soap which will help you soften your hairs.

3. Rub on a lubricating shaving cream or gel which are specially designed for sensitive areas.

4. Make sure you are not using he same used blade, try to get a sharp new blade.

5. Moisturize well after you shave.

Now, in which direction you are shaving may also become a reason of your bumps.It is always preferable to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Shaving with the grain gives you a not too close but a comfortable shave. But if you shave against the grain or in the opposite direction of your hair growth, you will get a very close shave but it increases  the risk of  bumps and irritation.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Razor Bumps?

Well, it takes two weeks or more to remove razor bumps. But if you shave again and again on the same affected part of the skin it may  get worse day by day and may seem like never clear up. Hence it is not a problem to ignored rather it should be taken care of.

Exfoliating is one of the many ways to prevent razor bumps on private areas. Now what happens in bumps is, the hair curls back and grows sideways inside the hair follicle. It leads to tiny round red bumps. Exfoliating removes the outer layer of dead skin cell, thus helps in lifting the hair,so that no hair is left and it is all cleaned by your razor easily. Exfoliating is done using chemical exfoliator or scrub.

What Helps Razor Bumps On Private Area?

There are many ways to prevent razor bumps on private area. Some of them are listed below-

  • Aloe Vera, used for thousands of years in skin treatment. It is famous for its would healing effect and gives you relief from razor burns after shave.
  • Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid cures bumps and also removes dead skin cells. It helps the ingrown hair to make its way out of the pore which can be then removed by your razor easily.
  • Well if you want to remove your bumps faster then glycolic acid is much preferable. It makes the skin slogging process fast thus smoothing your skin and healing your bumps and rashes.
  •  Hydrocortisone cream, it reduces inflammation and also itching. It is available over the counter (OTC).
  •  Tea Tree Oil, helps to get rid of ingrown hair.This oil mixed with moisturizer reduces bacteria and thus cures your razor bumps.

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How to Prevent Razor Bumps On Private Area?

  1. Shave at alternate days. Don’t shave too frequently as it increases the chances of bumps and rashes.
  2. Before using any strong chemicals on your bumps, suggest a dermatologist.
  3. Take extra care while shaving your pubic hairs. First trim the hair and then shave which will avoid pulling of hair.

Not only these there are many more methods of preventing razor bumps on private area like lemon juice , hot compress, scrubs and many, If both the home remedies and chemicals are not working and you don’t find any changes then it would be preferable to visit a dermatologist.