How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching { FULL GUIDE }

Well! It’s very important to groom ourselves in a proper way and also to know how to trim your pubic hair without itching, hence maintaining our personal hygiene. Usually when you are removing hair from arms and legs it is still okay, but while shaving pubes one needs to be extra careful as it’s a very sensitive area.

If you are facing the the problem of getting really bad razor rash, burns, cuts and sores, you know how frustrating it can be which are basically nasty stuffs we get down there. Shaving is a very personal choice some people never remove their pubic hair while some like to shave to make them feel clean and comfortable.

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At times even after shaving very carefully, we still end up having burns and itching problem in pubic areas. Having an itch free pubes after shave is actually a blessing. This basically happens when we don’t really know how to properly trim our pubic hair without itching. So, it’s very important to know how to trim pubic hair without itching until you’ve mastered this art of shaving.

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How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching
How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching

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Things you need to trim pubic hair –

Make sure all the instruments you use are not old or rusty before you trim pubic hair without itching. Sterilizing the instruments before use also reduces the chance of itching up to an extent.

  • A new disposable razor is best, a dull razor will encourage red bumps.
  • A pair of sharp embroidery scissors will do.
  • Use a gentle and unscented cream or a gel.
  • Hand mirror or compact to check your pubic area.
  • And of course a good set of clippers.

So. basically these are the things you need to accompany before you plan to trim pubic hair without itching.

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Tips To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching-

Here are the steps you need to follow while you trim your pubic hair without itching and get a smooth and clean skin free from any sort of burns or irritation:

  1. Pre-trimming– Basically it is more important in regards to if you have big bushy hair or you haven’t shaved down for weeks or even months. You’ve been maybe neglecting it a little bit and now you have long hair down there. In this case while shaving those hair will clog up your razor, you’re going to cut yourself and it’s going to be nasty and messy situation that we of course want to avoid. Hence trimming it before shave will make things easier and you will get better control while you shave. For this take a sharp scissor and start to trim your pubic hair to small.
  2. Soften pubic hair- this can be achieved by getting a shower or having bath prior to trimming, which will soften the hair and let open the pores making your hair follicles really soften. This is the most important step which when many people neglect landing up in severe irritation and inflammation problems. Dry shaving is hence prohibited. Also wash your pubic area with soap or body wash, presence of bacteria can aggregate infection in case of cut and cause razor burn.
  3. Moisturize- shaving cream, shaving gel and conditioners could very easily throw off the pH, making our pubes more alkaline and thus prone to infections. Hence use of these should be avoided you should use the very natural olive oil to moisturize pubic hair before shave. Just a very little bit pour it in your hands, rub your hands together and then soak the area in olive oil for a minute or two to let your hairs soak the oil after which it will become really soft and prepared for shave.
  4. Use disposable razor– A lot of razors are absolutely crap and choosing a razor also plays a very important role in getting an itch-free pubes after shave. Unlike the other body part when we are dealing with the very sensitive delicate area you need to  be more careful. Start with shaving downward in the same direction of the hair growth, though it takes longer it also causes less irritation. Do not start with shaving upward, because this is the main reason why many of us get itching and burns after shave. After shaving it all downwards, moisture it again with olive oil followed by shaving on sides very gently and slowly. If you are not satisfied and still have hairs left you can go with shaving in upward direction, yes it may be harmful but only if your dry shave. Shaving upwards will help you get a nice and smooth area free from ingrown hairs.
  5. Clean the area– So after are done with the shaving you need to clean the area, you can use any body wash or cleaner you usually use but make sure it is unscented because scented things can irritate your pubes and you may get infections. Cleaning will not only ensure the removal of all dead skins but also help in prevention of ingrown hairs.
  6. Closing pores- The last step is basically closing the pores, this task is done best with cold water you can use it either way by soak a cloth in cold water and hold above the area or just take a cold shower. After that you need to dry the area by patting don’t rub as it will make the area irritated, inflamed and lead to ingrown hair. Then after that just use a little bit more olive oil just to ensure that the area is nice and smooth.

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Products to heal itching after you trim-

Now, if you have shaved your pubic hair and facing the problem of having itchy skin down there then use  the few below listed products to get rid of them:

  1. Disinfecting the area after you shave the part helps a lot in reducing the itching that razors can cause.
  2. Aloe Vera is again the best thing you can use especially for sensitive skin, it nourishes and re-hydrate your skin and thus help to reduce itching.
  3. If you still facing the itching problem then using an Anti-itch cream from any local drug stores will do the work.

So, these are basically the few steps and techniques that will guide to trim your pubic hair without facing the itching problem.