How To Shave Without Shaving Cream [ Full Guide ]

Using a specific shaving cream to shave is not always mandatory. There are many other alternative products and ways out which will help you get a proper and clean shave, free from cuts and bumps without using cream/gel.

Go through the blog to know how you can shave without shaving cream. Why wasting your money buying expensive shaving creams when things can be done other way round or if you  occasionally, run out of shaving cream, now you have a solution. So, lets get started!

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shave without shaving cream
shave without shaving cream

Cautions while shave without shaving creams

How to shave without shaving cream, some precautions

There is no serious issues avoiding cream or gel but one needs to make sure to moisturise properly the shaved part after you are done with your shaving. Skipping this step may lead to rashes or burns and may irritate your skin. As we all are very much cautious about our skin and specially when it comes to your very face, things eventually becomes quite sensitive.

We all want to give the best to our skin, enough care is  indeed needed. And sometimes if you don’t want to use shaving cream, be it any sort of reason. Yes! you can avoid that part of applying shaving cream but try to make sure you do the following:

  • Soften your hair prior to shaving.
  • Try to use a sharp razor blade.
  • Moisturise your skin after you shave.

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7 great substitutes of shaving cream-

Running  short of shaving creams? Now no need to worry you will get it all in your home. There are many substitutes of how to shave without Shaving Cream that will give an equally smoother shave. Some of those many are listed below:

  1. Aloe Vera.
  2. Conditioner.
  3. Soap.
  4. Shampoo.
  5. Shea butter.
  6. Coconut Oil.
  7. Body Lotion.

Now let’s know how to shave without shaving cream and get a close shave at home by using the above mentioned skin-friendly products:-

Shave without shaving cream:-

1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera, a product that have been used through thousands of year and more as an excellent skin repair and medication product. Not only before shave but it is also best for all after shave problem like bumps, rashes, redness which irritates your skin.

You can use this as an alternative of shaving cream, in fact most shaving creams are Aloe Vera based. It provides enough slip you need, to get a good shave. It is not thick and does not greases over your skin giving a perfect before shave skin.

It is preferred to first damp your face with warm water which will open up the pores and thus soften your hair making it shave-ready. Apply the Aloe Vera gel and shave it with gentle strokes. Make sure you shave in the direction of grain, shaving off the grain may give you a pretty close shave but it often leads to bumps and irritation.

2. Conditioner:

Conditioner actually alters texture and condition of our scalp to soften hair, so why not use it on your facial hair instead.

It is another good method as how to shave without shaving cream is our hair conditioner it moisturizes your hair you need to shave, thus making the shaving process easier. We all have conditioner at home and irrespective of the brand we use it works out well for all.

All you need to do is prior to applying conditioner wet your face with warm water, make sure it washes all parts you need to shave. Then take a sort of handful of conditioner depending on part that needs to be shaved. Make sure you spread the conditioner well across your hand before applying.

It will do all the work of shaving cream, rather do it better and give you a perfect clean shave.

3. Soap:

Your shaving cream may eventually end fast and when you run up the cream, one of the cheapest and always available alternative you may get is a bar of soap. Now you don’t need to think over again when your cream finishes.

It gives your razor blade an excellent glide over your skin making your shaving smoother each time. To use this all you need to do is rub the bar of soap on your hand until you get enough lather. Use his while you’re in a shower as soap can dry out skin and make the shaving difficult at times.

4. Shampoo:

Just you need to dispense a little shampoo on your hand and on rubbing you will get enough lather to shave. It lathers up all your facial hair thoroughly and you also don’t need much of it. It not only makes your hair softer to get an easy shave but also removes the pollutants. After rubbing apply and shave off to get a cleaner shave.

5. Shea butter:

One of the best alternatives of shaving cream and an excellent moisturizer you can ever get. It reduces the shearing force between razor blades and your skin. It moisturizes shaved area so thoroughly that if you use this to shave, you don’t need any cream or lotion to moisturize after it.

Using this will give you a much closer, cleaner and less painful shave.

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6. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil fosters smooth and soft skin, it’s again one of the cheapest shaving cream alternative you can use. But the only con is it’s oiliness leads to extra slipperiness which may lead to sudden small cuts. Hence one needs to take care while shave without shaving cream using coconut oil.

It makes skin thoroughly hydrated and supple, giving you a glowing clear skin.

7. Body lotion:

The body lotion or any other such products you apply after shave to moisturize, can double as shaving cream when you need it.

It is another alternative that contains all the property of shaving cream, so basically it is the best substitute to shave without shaving cream. Easy to use, just take a portion rub on your hands, apply and then shave.

It not only acts as an excellent moisturizer but also gives an excellent fragrance. In this case also you can avoid the moisturizing part after shave as it does it all.


So, basically here are some of the many products listed you can use while you shave without shaving cream. These are very effective and soothing to your skin and many of my fellow male-friends who have tried all this does not go back to the shaving cream again.

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Shave without shaving cream-(only water)

Then best simple, easy and quick method to shave is by just using a razor and water. And trust me once you are acquainted with this you will never want to do it the other way! Yes you can shave using water by just patting hot water soaked towel on your face so that hair becomes soft and then shave it on your way.


When it is preferable to shave without shaving cream?

As per the dermatologist shaving at night is much preferable than in morning. First it saves your time and things become faster in the morning. Not only this it also heals your skin- when you usually shave, the blade is quite sharp and often you may get burns and bumps so you can rest all night to get over those.

After shave the pores are still open so when you go for work, travel in the metro, bus etc, you are exposed to all the pollutants. Hence to get a perfect after shave look make sure you do it at night.