How To Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers Female

Nothing can be better than getting a perfect parlour cut without even visiting a salon! so here are steps to cut your own hair with clippers. Being girls we all know that even for shaping our hair be it U or V-cut the charges are getting higher day by day. And getting a nice cut is not affordable for many.

If you want to cut your own hair with clippers and don’t have anyone at home to help you, don’t worry just go through the blog and I will let you know the easiest techniques.

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how to cut your own hair
how to cut your own hair

Before you start to cut your hair-

Before you head out with the cutting process you need to make sure you:

  • Wash – Make sure you hair is super clean before you cut your own hair with clippers. It is much easier to cut when your hair damped. Damping your hair helps you to get better control while cutting.


  • Remove tangles – Comb your hair really well so that all the tangles are removed properly before cutting.


  • Straighten – Straightening your hair will help you cut your hair with perfection.

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Basic things required to cut your hair –

  • Sharp scissors.
  • comb.
  • clippers.

So, let’s proceed to get professional haircuts!

Hair Cut you can try on your own hair-


1. Long bob cut-

If you are bored from your long hair or your hair grows fast either of them, and you decide to flaunt your new bob cut then just go through the easy steps below and know how to cut your own hair with clippers. These are two types short bob cut and long bob cut, here we are dealing with the long bob cut which is basically longer pieces of hair at the front and shorter pieces of hair at the back.

  • Start by making a low ponytail make sure it’s low but very tight with. Lower the elastic a little bit and tie another elastic up to a desired length you wish to cut. You can tie other elastics also one below another so that your hair is perfectly straight.
  • Use your fingers to loosen up the hair around your ears after which cut your hair not exactly from the elastic but leaving a bit. To do the cutting you just need to use the clipper to trace a straight line then you can clean the edges later on.
  • Release your hair from the elastics, put the hair in front and just make a line at the center. Proceed by combing your hair until it’s all even and do the touch up using sharp scissors.
  • Before you do the very last step make sure you straighten your hair. Just cut the ends at the last in such a way that the ends look too short, giving you a perfect bob cut.

2.  Straight line cut-

If you want a straight line cut just follow the few simple steps and know how to cut your own hair with clippers:

  • First divide your hair in two equal sections then tie elastics of after another, make sure the elastics are somehow equidistant to each other.
  • Take the clipper and trace a straight line on either side of your hair.
  • Clean the edges well after which you need to remove the elastics.
  • If you want to do some touch-ups then using the comb as the reference keep it as close as possible to your body and use the clipper to trim the hair.

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Cut your own hair with clippers-

There are some other simple ways you can cut your own hair with clippers, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Option number 1- tie your hair in a low ponytail, take another elastic and tie a few inches from the first one. Repeat the same step with a third elastic, using your comb as a guide you need to cut a straight line using your clippers after which you need to release your hair.

You’ll notice the haircut looks a little rounder from the back, like a U shaped cut and when you bring your hair to front it looks straight.

  •   Option number 2:  you need to part your hair down the middle and bring the two sections together at the front then tie them with a small elastic. Using your comb as a guide cut a straight line.

With this haircut if you bring your hair to the front it looks straight and bringing it to the back it looks like a V shaped cut.

  • Option number 3: now if you want to get a completely straight hair both from front and back, then you need to make sure that the sections that are further away from your face needs to be shorter. For this after dividing you hair from center bring it to one side and use a trimmer to cut your in a diagonal line instead of straight line as you did earlier, using your comb as reference. Do the same on the other side of your hair this cut will ensure that the sections at the back are little shorter than those at the front.

Now when you comb your hair, you will observe that from both front and back your hair looks absolutely straight.


Cut your own hair to get rid of split-ends:

There are many such hairs that don’t get long enough and starts to split on very early.

Facing problem of split ends? well! nothing can be more irritating we all aspire of getting straight split-ends free hair. So let’s get started first take a section perhaps an inch across the given hair,  by twisting the hair you start to reveal the split ends. You need to take your time and start to one by one take some of those split-ends away.

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Basically, these are the few of the many ways you can cut your own hair with clippers. So now no need to visit the luxurious parlous to get your dream cut, and all by yourself using your clippers.  You neither need to go and pay for your haircut. You will rather like your style more than the haircut you get from the hairstylists. And the best part it’s free!  you can save up to thousands of dollars in a year. Hope these steps will be helpful and works for anyone who is looking as how to cut your own hair with clippers.