How To Cut Men’s Hair With Electric Razor {Full Guide}

Wondering how to cut men’s hair with electric razor? Read this to know how. Okay! so each time you want to get a haircut done, you get disappointed by the sky-reaching charges it takes in the saloon you visit. Whereas the equipment they use to do you hair is basically the razor and comb.

So you may be wondering why do they take so much of money, it’s basically because they know how to cut men’s hair to give a perfect haircut. Don’t worry here I have bought for you some few simple steps you need to know to get a perfect style cut at home by just using your electric shaver.

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Well! there are lots of electric shaver we use to do our beard, to trim pubic hair, underarms and many more but did you know that same razor can help you get a perfect haircut? So let’s get started to have a perfect saloon cut right at home using the same electric razor.

Electric razor are basically of two types- electric rotary razor and foil shaver. And both of them are effective in giving you your desired haircut. You must check out our recent post of Best Safety Razors For Beginners where we have fully  explained about the best safety razor for beginners.

how to cut men's hair
how to cut men’s hair

why to use electric razor to cut men’s hair?

Our scalp is quite sensitive and using sharp razor directly may lead to skin irritation and rashes. Whereas these electric shavers which are suitable to shave even without shaving cream, glides around the scalp to give you a perfect shade cut.

Hence, for your daily maintenance, especially if you are maintaining bald cut, it is much more preferable.

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3 basic steps to cut men’s hair with electric shaver-

So, to cut men’s hair with your electric razor be it rotary or foil, the three basic steps you need to keep in mind are:

Trim both left and right sides and the back:

First comb your hair and do the partition to make it look clean. Use you razor and go as high as you want along each side fading your side hair as you go into the longest hair on the top. Make sure you do it slowly and closely as this will be the base for the rest of the haircut. So, make it nice and smooth between the sides and the top centre.

Dampen your hair on top and remove tangles:

This will help you make your hair soften, and make the removal of tangles easy. Now use your fingers and scissor trick to do your top center hair. Comb your hair and pull it straight parallel to cut it as per the desired length. Do it also for both the left and right sides, make sure you do it here more precisely so as to make the blend look perfect.

Trim the neck-back and sides:

Now comes the last and the most mandatory part. The fade you give to your hair vanishes the line of the cut, giving your hair a perfect blend. This can be done more effectively using clippers in descending order with the guards. The lower the number of clip with the guard, the more careful you need to be.

Then your blending will get very smooth. Lastly, use the up and out technique so that it is perfectly blended and no lines are left visible. when number is low make sure you are careful enough and not giving high strokes.

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Basic equipment you need to cut men’s hair with electric razor-

So, to cut men’s hair with electric razor these are the things you need:

  • Sharp hair cutting scissor.
  • comb.
  • attachments as per requirement.
  • electric shaver.



Steps to cut men’s hair perfectly using electric razor-

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Side shading of men’s hair with electric razor:

Here, will show to steps to cut men’s hair with electric razor. You’ll never need another barber! Get barber-cut at home:

  1. Start with number 6 guard on the closed position and go as high you can on each side to fade the side hair into the longest hair on top. Make it nice and smooth between the sides and top so as to make a perfect base for your haircut.
  2. Do the partition of the longer hair top using comb. Start with the back part this is basically a part of your haircut you need to be cautious about but no big deal if you follow the tips. Since we are continuing with the same clip with which you did your sides, so you know how high to go.
  3. So, it is under which you need to do the blending and fading your hair. Hold your mirror in the correct position to blend it exactly how you need to. Change your guard to no. 4 also in closed position, the shorter setting. You just need to go just under where you used 6, use the up and out technique of curving the clippers so that you have a perfect fade throughout.
  4. Use the same clip to trim hair behind your hair and the back part, repeat the same on the other side. Do your back hair with no. 4 guard exactly how you did with 6 after which try to fade in your hair from 4 to 6 at the back to get rid of any line you see.
  5. Now use no. 3 guard also in the closed lower or short setting, repeat the same you did with guard 6 and 4 and you will see the fade beginning.
  6. You can bring your fade all the way down, by using no. 1 or 0 guard at the back to get the shade as per your convenience.
  7. Here you are now supposed to use no. 1 guard in the longer or open position make sure to use it till the height of your beard, not above it.
  8. Come to the back part with the same. Now if you have any crazy sort of hair or back hairline then go in different directions, whereas if our hair grows straight then go one way. This basically sums up to, you need to trim in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

Shaping of men’s hair with electric razor:

After making sure that the fade in nice and smooth do  the shaping. This basically makes your haircut look a bit cleaner and neat. Let’s know to cut men’s hair with electric razor, alongside shape it:

  1. Just go straight across the top first then along the sides, after which curve it into your beard.
  2. Now a bit tricky step don’t worry will help you tackle it, do take help if you have someone. For this adjust your mirror in the perfect position you can see most clearly, very precisely get your side lines done till the bottom of either side.
  3. Use the no. 1 guard in closed position followed by zero guard so that it is perfectly faded into the neck. You can also make the back line also with 0 guard itself to make it look neater.

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Conclusion: How To Cut Men’s Hair

If you follow the above mentioned steps you shouldn’t have too much room for error. Maybe you didn’t get a perfect cut initially but practice practice and practice! And next time to want to get a cut, don’t need to depend on barbers give yourself a better cut than them and make yourself proud.