How To Clean Electric Razor- Clean And Maintain At Home

Facing the problem of cleaning your razor? Trust me it’s no big deal. Here are some few simple steps that will help you know how to clean electric razor at home. Are your razor clogged up, covered with dead skin, jammed with shaving cream or hair?  Now no need of skimming through the guide you get along your razor to clean off your razor blades, you will get it all here.

So you brought a new razor unpacking it along with the razor  you find a small brush, cleaning/sterilizing spray and some other stuffs. These are basically razor cleaning tools given to help you clean your razor. Spray along with the small brush is used to brush the beard dust out of the razor.

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how to clean electric razor
how to clean electric razor



Why electric razors ?

Okay! so if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to shave. Which often happens with most of us early morning, and if  you are not a good shaver and take time to shave, then this razor will come very handy. Even if you are a beginner you can easily get access to this razor type without getting cuts, here you don’t need a shaving cream, soap or water.

Cuts and bleeding are frequent in normal razors. And if your blood is thinner or you bleed easily then electric razor is highly recommended for you.

The razors we used is constructed by a precise geometry and some wrong cleaning  habits may damage your razor. Unintentionally we do some stuffs which damages our razor and of course harms our skin. So, here are some cautions you need to take to handle your razor with care.

There are basically two main forms  of electric razor, foil-type and rotary-style. And the latter, rotary is more user-friendly. You must check out our recent post of Best Safety Razors For Beginners where we have fully  explained about the best safety razor for beginners.


Way to keeps your electric razor performing –

Is your razor getting old or rusty? you just need to follow some few simple steps –

  • After you shave rinse your razor  well under tap water from front to back, so that the razor dust is properly washed.
  • Make your razor is lubricated often, do this by using the spray you get along.
  • Handle it with care and store it safely.

How to clean extra clog up in electric razor – Quick tips

Here are some few tips which will hep you remove the extra gunk from your razor. If you do this daily after shave it will be much easier when you clean it and the blades also will have a long life.

  • Hit the razor on side of your sink so that extra gunk may fall off.
  • Make sure after using your razor you rinse off well with cold water as it will preserve your blades sharpness and and give them a longer life. Cold water is much preferable because hot water may damage the blades.
  • Use a dry towel to dry off extra water from the razor.
  • let it dry for 2 to 3 hours , make sure the razor is not damped and totally dry before you keep it back.

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How often you need to clean your shaver ?

How many times you clean your electric razor is also very important. Cleaning your razor thoroughly once at the end of the week will do. Often a bad smell develops in your razor this is due to the accumulation of mold or mildew which develops in damped places often you may come across this in your washrooms, if damped. Hence it is important to make sure that your razor is well dried before you store it. This will avoid the musty smell in your razor. And give you a pleasant clean and close shave every time you use it.

Clean your electric razor at home – Rotary Style

As mentioned above there are many reason why you should opt for electric razors. These though costs you more at the starting but in the long run you will agree your decision. But for this cleaning and maintaining your razor is very important. Here I am going to guide you throughout the steps, how to clean your  electric razor at home-

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Clean by keeping cutters of electric razor intact-

  • First you need to wash your razor using tap water. After removing excess water, open up the head assembly by flipping it over and gently removing it from the shaver. Hit it on the side of your sink to let crumbs fall off.
  • Use the brush you get along to scrape off all the razor dust completely so that the blades lasts.
  • Now many of us face the problem while cleaning the head assembly, when we open up the retaining clips we find it difficult get the cutters properly back into the frame. So, to overcome this it will rather be advisable to clean the head assembly keeping the cutters intact.
  • Run the tap water through the shaving head, make sure you use a cleaning spray or any sort of cleaning liquid so as remove all the stubborn dirt. Now leave it for about 10 min or so in the soapy liquid so that all the clayey part is removed properly.

Clean by removing each of the rotary blades of the razor-

If you actually don’t get satisfied by the above cleaning method and would rather prefer to clean your blades thoroughly, you can do so. May be this process will be a bit tedious but you will get you shaver proper cleaned. So, know how to clean your electric razor getting blades off-

  • Previous steps are similar. Lets quickly move on to the head part. After removing the head you need to remove the retainer by making it 1/4 rotation.
  • Clean the retainer well, then move the brush all around the head assembly so as the space between the cutters where some crumbs may stick is properly cleaned.
  • Last you need to take off the cutters and brush the dust of each of the three cutters separately. You can also sharpen the cutters.

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Clean your electric razor at home – Foil Type

Another type of electric razor is foil type this razor’s cleaning process is not much different from the rotary one. But they have a different structure, the heads are straight and the oscillating blades or cutters captures the hair along with the holes to give you a perfect clean shave. It gives you a gentler shave and is best for sensitive skin. Now how to clean this electric razor type-

  • Keeping the razor off open the foil head, and clean it separately.
  • Tap the foil part of razor on your sink side to that the extra debris may fall off.
  • Now rinse rest part of the with hot water for about 30 minutes to clean it properly.

Alternative method, how to  clean your electric razor-

Besides all these methods, know how to clean electric razor –

  • Alcohol- It is a often used in sterilization. It can help you clean your razor irrespective of the type you use. All you need to do is take some alcohol in a cup and dip the razor head and let it sterilize for some time. Then take is out and run tap water before you dry it.
  • Lubricating spray- You get this along your razor, spray the liquid keeping the razor head at about 2 to 3 inches away. Then you can fix back the head and let the razor run for some time.

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Our razor in constructed in such away so that we get  a close and comfortable shave but due to wrong cleaning habits our razor may get affected. So, it is very important to have knowledge as how to clean electric razor. And of course when we are spend our hard earn money to buy a product we expect to get the maximum out of it.