Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man [ Updated ]

What are the best electric razors for elderly men? Thinking about this, then check out our list of best electric razors for elderly men where we have added, the features of the products.

Do you wonder why there must be some special razors for elders? Well, you have to understand that a lot of changes occur when we grow old. Our skin becomes softer and fragile.

So, one can’t depend on the razors we always use, and it’s time to be sensitive about our skin. I have picked out the best razors that are perfect for the aging skin.

It’s essential to pick a tool for you that cares enough for your skin and gives you a smooth shave. You must check out our post of Best Safety Razors For Beginners where we have fully explained about the best safety razor for beginners.

List of Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man

Elders's Razor Brand Name Rating Link
Braun Electric Shaver Series 99290 3.9 out of 5 stars 1,035 Customer Reviews Buy Now
Panasonic Electric Shaver ES824A ARC4 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,829 Customer Reviews Buy Now
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 4.0 out of 5 stars 518 customer reviews Buy Now
Panasonic Electric Shaver ES- LV95 – S ARC5 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,892 customer reviews Buy Now

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Razor

  • Look for the cutting features like blade and lifting bar. Make sure the razor has useful elements that can give closer cuts in a short time.
  • The power of the motor is significant because it provides sufficient power for the razor to give a smoother and an efficient shave. It also prevents tugs and protects your skin from pulling it off along with the razor.
  • Look for an adjustable head in the razors that can bend along the contours shave and other flexible positions.
  • You can find a lot of electric razors that operates on batteries. It can long last for 45 minutes or a single shave. Choose a razor that goes will with your shaving habits.

Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man

Braun Electric Shaver Series 99290

Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man ukBraun Electric Shaver is highly credited for the shaving features and the contour positions it can give. You need not worry about the Skin Guard as it has four cutting features that provide a clean shave being sensitive for the soft skin. The design of the shaver is very comfortable to handle, and the elders have no chance of facing difficulties while shaving.

The titanium coating of the surface promises a good shave concentrating on the thick hair and removing them in a few seconds. The head contours give ten different positions to provide a clear cut shaves. The best part is of this razor is that you can use this razor with the shower. It has a good battery life of 50 minutes with fast charging modules.


  • It gives a smoother shave with flexible contour positions
  • The foils surface protects the razor from affecting your skin
  • A firm grip is comfortable to handle
  • It is waterproof


  • Battery life is a little bit lower than 50 minutes.
  • Expensive

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES824A ARC4

Panasonic Electric shaver is the perfect match for older adults who need a more flexible shaving head and a solid body. The blades promise a cleaner shave with minimum effect. The foil design is accurate for trimming purposes.  The ARC4 system makes use of minimum steel foils.  The design pattern is hypoallergenic, giving you a luxury sensation for the skin. No redness or annoying irritation can be felt with the shaver.

The shaver gives a crisp cut with the aid of the linear motor that cuts around 13,000 cycles every minute.  The handle is also firm and flexible that cut along with all the positions of the face with ease. The razor is perfect for both wet and dry shaving.


  • Affordable price
  • Battery life is up to the mark
  • Flexible head
  • The motor is quite powerful


  • Doesn’t seem to be a long lasting product
  • Setting options for slower shaving can be developed

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Philips is an ideal choice for elders. It has a versatile tri-head design that can move in 8 different directions. The shaving motion is crisp and gives a smooth shave. The shaver comes with a detect contour system that can bend along with the contours and remove the hair accordingly. It also has a self – sharpening features is an added advantage for the razor. You have three different shaving speeds to choose according to your needs. The slow mode is for sensitive skin; medium skin types can go with the basic features where one can use a fast way for thicker spots.

You can replace the tri-head component with the smart click brush that can cleanse your face. You can add face wash and or another cleanser to smoothen your skin. This component comes along with the Philips kit, and you can use it after shaving or before shaving to make your hair smoother.


  • 60-minute battery life
  • Quick charging unit
  • Tri-head razor
  • Contour detect technology


  • Expensive

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES- LV95 – S ARC5

Panasonic razor has become the top picks of the elderly gentlemen. The razor has a pop-up trimmer that has features that you can optimize for clean shaves. It can reach out to all the thick and thin bits of hair. The trimmer does have a right trimming unit can concentrate on the curves and contours efficiently.  The razor comes with five blades where each blade focused on different sections of facial hair and gives a more in-depth shave.

The sensors can spot the hair density, and the power is supplied to the motor accordingly.  The power automatically goes down in the areas where the hair density is low. The grip is also very comfortable and handy where elders have no chance of facing difficulties while shaving.


  • Clean shave within few minutes
  • Convenient to handle
  • Affordable price
  • Five different shaving options


  • Replacement blades can be improved

Conclusion of Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man

Elders do have to take extra care considering the natural changes that occur with age. Shaving razor is one particular tool that needs attention and wiser choice. All the razors listed above serve as a perfect gift for elders to show them that you care about them.

When there are a million things to bother with the aging process, the best shaver is one among them. I have explained all the features in detail.

I hope it would be easier for you to pick a razor that meets up all your needs, specifications and budget. If you love our post of best electric razors for elderly man then do comment below.

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