Best Electric Razor Under $50 [ Latest Update ]

Best Electric Razor Under $50: To have a professional look at you, then you must have a neat and clean shave at all times. When come to shave is quite simple for men due to the availability of the wide range of the electric Razor. It is one of the essential grooming tools for men at home, and it saves a lot of time and user-friendly to handle.

With technology development, there are several advanced design razor with unique features. Hence it is quite natural for the men to have a deep shave and delicate beard trimming. On choosing the right electric razor, it makes your skin smooth at the time of the shaving so you must pick out the right electric shaver.

I don’t have ideas about how to find out budget-friendly electric razors in the market, but this article gave me ideas to pick the best electric razor under 50.

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Best Electric Razor Under $50
Best Electric Razor Under $50

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List of Best Electric Razor Under $50

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The SweetLF electric shaver is the best brand for men. Everyone likes this brand because of its unique functionalities. You could get an exceptional shaving experience by having this electric shaver. Users can take them while traveling.

It can charge with the help of a USB port. Without any risks, this shaver acts as the best solution for clean shaving purposes. The self-sharpening blades are the major attraction in this brand. It gives 100% satisfaction when you get a freshly shaven face. This is known as a pop-up trimmer and loved to use this brand very much. With less effort, it keeps your face clean.


  • This razor has self-sharpening blades and double track cutter
  • It offers a higher surface with fewer efforts
  • The brand has powered by a muted high-speed motor
  • It is applicable for both dry and wet shaving


  • It has a faster USB charging facility
  • It comes with an LED display
  • East to Clean option is amazing
  • This can even be used in the shower


  • This is a Lower-Powered Razor
  • Does not carry out bulky hair

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Do you need a professional and best electric razor under 50? Well, Remington F5-5800 is a boon for you. Its exclusive features play an essential role in buying this brand. You can make you shave clean using this Remington brand.

This is a rechargeable electric foil shaver and undoubtedly the best one for your budget. It is very useful, and people are interested in buying this brand happily. It gives a premium shaving experience due to its amazing specifications. This foil shaver is handy for everyone. The design is simple and straightforward. Easy cleanup and washing play an essential role when you pick this brand.


  • Remington has a smooth surgical blade to shave
  • The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is used and lasts for 60 minutes
  • It has quick shaver option
  • This razor has interceptor shaving technology
  • Shave without connecting to the charging cord


  • This brand is very affordable to buy
  • It comes under corded and cordless functionality
  • It can run for a longer time
  • Remington brand has washable and saves money


  • It does not suit for wet shaving
  • It is not suitable for sensitive skin

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Phisco is a top-notch brand because people are using it as their trusted one. The overall features will make their purchase more manageable. I am also addicted to this brand. Due to its unique functionalities, I loved this brand because it gives a smooth cleaning experience.

The battery capacity is also acceptable, and everyone prefers it. They are made up of waterproof and can use it during shower time. By connecting via USB port, you can charge the shaver. It makes longer shaving due to its exclusive features. With a single track, it plays a vital role in creating a clean shaved face.


  • This brand has quick charge and extended-lasting battery capacity
  • It has robust and durable speed motors
  • The precision shaving heads remains smooth and sharp
  • It has LED indicators and pop-up trimmer option available


  • This brand is applicable for wet and dry
  • It is perfect for trimming mustaches and sideburns
  • Gives faster, smooth and sharp shave


  • It is not suitable for long beard shave
  • Long term use is not available

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The Philips Norelco 3100 is the best electric shaver for men. Due to its comfortable features, everyone decides to buy this brand. This is very useful to give a clean shave and trimmer option. I love this electric razor because it gives me a comfortable shaving experience.

It has the right balance and functionality. As a result, it is really good and suitable for men and women. The quality precision blades made this brand amazing for everyone. So, this is a solid choice for us because of its friendly design and features. This brand is excellent and comfortable for shaving.


  • It has USB charging capability
  • It has powerful metal edges of the blades
  • Made up of precision heads


  • It is made up of high quality
  • It gives good performance
  • They come with premium-priced models


  • This is not suitable for wet shaving
  • The Battery capacity is low

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The features are fantastic and allow you to buy this shaver. A high-speed motor will let you get a smooth shaving surface. I loved this shaver very much, and this is my favorite brand forever. Some men wish to shave unwanted hairs in the body.

For them, Man Groomer is a boon. Due to its extended-lasting and stretchable features, everyone loves this brand very much. I am also suggesting this brand to buy under $50. It provides a smooth shave than others.


  • The Man Groomer brand has adjustable and extendable handles
  • It comes with rechargeable battery power
  • This brand is suitable for shaving over the surface
  • The blade is made up of premium design


  • Man Groomer has two years warranty
  • Unplug and operate gently
  • Good battery power consumption


  • Sometimes extendable handles may not work
  • Not applicable for longer time

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I am looking for the brand electric shave, but my search ends up with the Panasonic ES2207P. This shaver machine built with a smooth and comfort function to shave the hair in a risk-free manner. I used such a tool with the flexible pivoting heads, which trace contour underarms and legs. This is suitable for ladies and teen girls.


  • You can enjoy shaving with sharp blades with smoother
  • It has three independently floating heads support
  • This shaver is suitable for both dry and wet


  • It is safer for the sensitive skin of ladies
  • This shaver is 100% washable
  • It has a rechargeable battery in 12 hours


  • It required up to 12 hours for charging time.


Things to Consider Buying the Right Electric Razor Under $50

Most of the men don’t have pre-experience to buy the right shaver in the market, so they are suggested to go with the below ideas. It gives a hand for the customer to pick the best brand at a set budget in the market.

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Flexible shaver head:

Due to the not adjustable shaver head, it fails to contour hair from the face, so you need to consider what type of head and what position that can work to contour the hair.

It is more important to consider buying the electric shaver in the market. Even there are a number of the cheap electric shavers out with a flexible head so you can spend your hard earning money to buy and use with real comfort.

Simple to clean:

In case the razor fails to have an enthusiast, the men have to sit down and clean the hair, and it is too hard and needs to spend much time. Therefore men have to find out the electric razor, which built with the easy-clean design.

It is more comfortable to wash off and other special features. Hence you can simply clean often and use it with real comfort after every shave.

Strong blade:

There are several thoughts into the part of the electric shaver, but you need to go with the blade. It is essential and safer to have deep shaved more smoothly. Though the blades made with stainless steel which works for long term usage


A number of the electric shaver fails to use for a different purpose, so you must keep it in your mind. Then you have to search for an electric shaver, which is a travel-friendly option in the market.

At the same time, you must ensure the weight of the product that becomes easy to carry along with you and store it in your backpacks while traveling. Almost the first brand shavers are manufactured with lightweight.

Grooming accessories:

When you come to buy the right shaver in the market, the top brands are out there to buy. But you must consider what are grooming accessories available in it. This will help to make use of the shaver effectively. Commonly it has accessories such as two-way razors and combs.

Good battery life:

Batter life is the most important thing to consider while buying an electric shaver. In the market, many updated electric shavers are available to buy with the various battery capacity options.

Hence it is straightforward to pick as per the usage of battery life. On the other hand, it is designed with the fast charging option, so it is easy to charge and use it for multiple shaves.

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Conclusion: Best Electric Razor Under 50

In this article, I had come across a wide range of low budget electric shaver with special and update features. As a result, it becomes easy for me to pick the best shaver to have comfort shave and trim at all times. You can find out the Best electric razor under 50 so you can choose as per your set budget in the market.