Best Shaver For Pubic Area Female [ Updated ]

Finding the best shaver for pubic area female? If yes, then here is the post for you.

Hygienic grooming is a lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that you need these shavers to get your stunning looks for a bikini beach party or a summer sea relaxations. More than a grooming accessory, these shavers are turning into essential hygiene kits than ever before.

Of course, we know that female skin is sensitive and dedicated. This reason is enough to look for bikini a shaver that takes exceptional care of your skin.

Every girl has her favorite shaver, but still, it’s confusing to pick a bikini shaver that’s gentle and smooth.

Are you curious to know about the shavers that are just perfect for you? Before getting into the top shavers, let’s discuss some of the basic things you need to know.

But before that, you must read about Best Electric Razor For Women’s Facial Hair.

After lots of researches and reviews we found Remington WDF5030A Smooth Glide Shaver is the best shave for pubic area.

Best Shaver For Pubic Area Female 2020

RazorBrand NameLink
Remington WDF5030A Smooth Glide Shaver Check Price
Philips Bikini Perfect HP6378 Pink/ Opal Check Price
Braun Silk – Epil Bikini Trimmer FG1100 Check Price
Schick Hydro Silk Razor Check Price
Brori Electric Shaver Razor for Women Check Price
Electric Bikini Trimmer for Women by VITCHELO Check Price
Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansing Check Price
Panasonic ES2216PC Electronic Attachment Operation Check Price
Women’s Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer by DELUXIS Check Price

Best Shaver For Pubic Area Female


Brori Electric Shaver Razor for Women

Basically, this razor is mainly useful for both dry and wet use. It means that even you can use it when you are in theBrori Electric Shaver Razor for Women shower. It is completely washable and water-resistant. Furthermore, its sure-grip handle will allow for complete control in the wet areas.

Since it consists of the built-in light, you will never miss the tiniest and thinnest of hairs. This is a cordless device that can able to run around 60 minutes even before recharging. 60 minutes is the best time for cordless usage.


  • It helps for hypoallergenic shaving
  • This razor gives you the facility to replace the head
  • Two charging models
  • It includes IPX7 waterproof capability
  • Extra blade replacement


  • 3 in 1 sharp dual blades
  • Very convenient to use
  • Mild and painless hair removers
  • Built-in LED light
  • The grips are ergonomic


  • Heating issues maybe there
  • More usage cause irritation
  • It cannot be used on the face

Check Price

Electric Bikini Trimmer for Women by VITCHELO

This Vitchelo 5-in-1 Shaver makes use of micro-precision technology to provide ultra-clear and clean skin. It can beElectric Bikini Trimmer for Women by VITCHELO by removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body.

It can remove hair from upper lips, face, sidelocks, nose, legs, arm-pits bikini area, arms and much more.  You will never get any infections by using these trimmers since it follows the completely safe and tested technology.


  • Five replaceable heads
  • Upgraded design and latest technology
  • It is also portable and ergonomic
  • It is rechargeable and cordless


  • Safe
  • Powerful and fast
  • Smooth and close
  • Discreet and portable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Difficult to clean the tiny gaps
  • If the blade gets dull, then you have to change everything
  • Blades are sharper

Check Price

Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansing

The Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansing is suitable for facial hair, bikini line, armpits, legs, and Sminiker Professional Electric Rechargeable Cleansingarms. The unique open blade system of this shaver guides hair into blades for the most extreme smooth and efficient shave.

It is most unique for shaving legs and arms. The shaving head is most effective in curved spots such as armpits. Also, the trimming heads are perfect for the bikini line. You can also able to do deep pore cleansing on the face through the facial cleansing brush head.


  • It consists of around Multiple Functions
  • It is mainly useful for both Dry and the Wet Use
  • The grips are complete of ergonomic design
  • Manicure Set is provided along with the product


  • Will give you a smooth feel while shaving
  • Very convenient to use
  • Very user-friendly
  • Completely made up of waterproof


  • Heating issues will be occur
  • The battery may get drain when it is used for more time

Check Price

Panasonic ES2216PC Electronic Attachment OperationPanasonic Electric Shaver for Women

You can experience the comfortable and clean shave which in the show. It comes with the best bikini attachment and pop-up trimmer. This razor is consists of a four-blade shaving system for the effective shaver closeness and coverage.

It mainly features the stainless steel hypoallergenic inner blades to reduce the irritation on sensitive skin. The flexible pivoting head is useful to shave the unwanted hairs from any parts of the body.


  • Flexible Pivoting Head
  • Sharp Shaving Blades
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Blades


  • Very easy to clean
  • Trim and Shave Anytime
  • Provide a Comfortable and Close Shave


  • Shaving foil head may cut the skin

Check Price

Women’s Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer by DELUXIS

This trimmer is suitable to remove unwanted hair from all the regions. It supports USB charging and one-hand Women's Electric Shaver Bikini Trimmer by DELUXISwireless operation. The built-in large capacity battery is continuously useful for around 60 at the time of charging.

It is very portable and hence suitable for traveling. Don’t miss the opportunity of using this Womens Electric Shaver Trimmer Remover.


  • Four Trimming Guide Combs
  • Suitable for Men and Women of All Ages
  • USB Rechargeable and Cordless Operation


  • It is very safe and efficient
  • Never cause pain while shaving
  • Cover all the areas


  • Have to be careful with the blades

Check Price

Remington WDF5030A Smooth Glide Shaver – Best Shaver For Pubic Area Female

Remington WDF5030A smooth glide shaverIf you are looking for a quality smooth shaver that takes care of your skin just like you, go for this Remington shaver. There are multiple features to tag this product as the best shaver you can ever find.

The shaver consists of good quality blades, with a reliable motor that is long lasting. Smooth glide technology is the best part about this shaver; it glides your skin with a flexible head making your over shaving experience an easy one without any skin irritation.

If you look close, you can realize that the head of the razor has a slightly tilted head at the optimal angle. Yes, it promises a flexible shave and comfortable shave.

This product promises you a great trimming experience, and there are a lot more to unravel about this product. It consists of almond oil strip that protects your skin from irritation after your shaving experience.

The almond oil gets into your skin and rejuvenates your skin.


  • Waterproof shaver
  • The heads are perfectly sculptured
  • Glides your skin with a smooth flow
  • Almond oil strip feature is something to cherish
  • Gives you a gentle experience
  • The shaver is not limited to the bikini area


  • Has a bit of problem with the rechargeable battery

Check Price

Philips Bikini perfect HP6378 pink/Opal – Best Trimmer For Pubic Area Female

Philips Bikini perfect HP6378 pinkPhilips Bikini perfect is ideal for very sensitive skin type. This shaver has good blades and has all the essential features that every shaver has. One remarkable feature of this shaver is battery life.

You can use this shaver for a full 60 minutes when it is fully charged.

I am sure that you’ll love the ease of the shaver as it glides through the skin with a very smooth and gentle flow. The design of the shaver is noteworthy with a comfortable handle and right blades.

If you are worried about sensitive skin, do realize that this Philips shaver specially optimized for sensitive skin types.


  • 60 minutes of battery life
  • Can work on cordless mode
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable handle
  • Perfect for sensitive skin


  • Attachments aren’t up to the mark
  • You can use the shaver on the legs

Check Price

Braun Silk – Epil bikini Trimmer FG1100 -Best Shaver For Pubic Area

Braun Silk – Epil bikini Trimmer FG1100Every woman looks for different features on trimmers. If you are not satisfied with the shaver offers only a smooth shave and looking for more features, this one is ideal for you.

Braun silk is a versatile shaver that provides a lot more attachments that can be used to trim your facial hair, eyebrows, and other areas also.

The shaver has two length settings that you can decide based on the hair density and length. This shaver is quite different and offers round tips. Round tips are believed to lower the risk of irritation and cuts.


  • The length setting
  • Rounded tips
  • Lightweight
  • It is an overall hair removal trimmer that can also be used for eyebrow shaping


  • The shaver can pull your hair
  • Blades are little quick, and you must be careful while you shave

Check Price

Schick Hydro Silk Razor with A Bikini Trimmer

Schick Hydro Silk razor with a bikini trimmerIf you are looking for a good shaver with an affordable cost, this one is perfect for you. The trimmer is the best pick of most of the women due to its satisfying, affordable prices.

Of course, the trimmer has quite a lot of excellent features that give you a smooth shave without pulling on your hair or causing irritation or cuts.

The shaver’s head is flexible and quickly adapt to the contours of the body. Schick Hydro razor promises you a smooth gliding shave whether you are using it for your arms, pubic area or legs.

If hypo allergies are your biggest threat with the shavers, do remember that this product has no chance of ending up in any allergies and you can use it for even two hours. It is an excellent waterproof trimmer with quality blades and all necessary features that you would require in a trimmer.


  • Five curving blades that have to sense feature
  • Adjustable comb combo
  • The hypoallergenic serum is something you can never miss
  • It is an overall hair removal trimmer that can also be used for eyebrow shaping
  • Not limited only to the pubic area
  • Affordable price


  • Clean up of the trimmer is a little bit difficult

Check Price

Things to Consider Before Buying Shave for Public Area

  • Blades are the vital component to look in a pubic shaver. The blades must be smooth and not to too sharp as it pulls out your hair with pain. Make sure the blades are smooth and give you effective shaves with fewer strokes.
  • Waterproof blades are the best as it won’t rust or get blunt while you shave during a shower.
  • Look for the angled heads; one head is not enough to give you flexible shaves along the contours of your body.
  • You can find a bikini trimmer that works on battery and lost long more than one shave. The one that works on the battery is a better pick compared to the electric shavers.
  • A lightweight shaver is an added advantage; you can carry them on the go while traveling with no significant difficulties.
  • Always try to choose a trimmer that doesn’t end up in irritation of your sensitive skin. Always be careful to pick a shaver that gives a very smooth shave.

Conclusion of Best Shaver For Pubic Area Female

Finally, we have completed our post on best shaver for pubic area female, if you are having any problem then let us know.

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