Best Safety Razors For Beginners [ Updated ]

What are the best safety razors for the beginners?

Does an idea of safety razor run chill to your spine? Well, it is the same effect for most of the beginners. If you are a beginner and looking for a safety razor that’s cool to handle, you are in the right destination! Picking a wrong razor has chances of ending up in pain and irritation.

Here I’ll help you out to choose a perfect safety razor that gives a smooth shave and a clean shave. When you are a beginner, can avoid the sharp razor but choose something comfortable with safety components.

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List of Best Safety Razors For Beginners 2022:  Top Pick

Razor Brand Name Check Price
Parker 99R Heavyweight Butterfly Open Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Merkur Adjustable Futur Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
VIKINGS BLADE The Emperor Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber Pole Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Parker 66R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
MÜHLE TRADITIONAL Chrome Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Bevel Double Edge Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Feather AS –D All Stainless Steel Double – Edge Razor Check Price on Amazon
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
Viking BLADE the Chieftain Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon
MERKUR 34C Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor Check Price on Amazon

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Best Safety Razors For Beginners

Top Best Safety Razors For Beginners 2022

1. Parker 99R Heavyweight Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Parker 99R Heavyweight Butterfly Open Safety Razor

The Parker Safety Razor comes with a textured handle that is four inches long and has a safe grip giving fantastic shaving experience. In contrast to other safety razors, the Parker 99R is large in size and weight. It weighs about 4.3 ounces. The razor works great for you, it easily slices right through heavy beards, resulting in a quick shave. Blades drop effortlessly to refill the razor with a twist of the handle, which is positioned at the rim. Men enjoy it as it suits perfectly in their pockets, making outcomes stress-free.

What we like

Many beginners consider the opening on a butterfly blade better for blade replacement. This butterfly razor also has the classic double-edge, closed-comb head that is ideal for beginners and those who are concerned about switching to the blade replacement process.


  • Beautiful and durable finish
  • Solid brass frame
  • Twist-to-open design
  • 4-inch long textured handle
  • Double edge razor blades
  • Cut through toughest beards easy
  • Have a smooth and comfortable shave
  • Chrome plating makes the razor look more luxurious
  • Twist open design is easy for switching out blades


  • This razor requires tweaking to get settings right
  • Shave can be a bit aggressive

2. Merkur Adjustable Futur Safety Razor

Merkur Adjustable Futur Safety Razor

It is one of the best safety razors for beginner. This razor offers a sleek and elegant finish without the regular grip patterns on the handle that make the touch incredibly relaxed. Compared to conventional short razors it has a bulkier head and a longer handle, making it a good match for those with longer hands and those who like the long blade look.

It offers a cool, strong, and sturdy feel, with a weight of around 4.4 ounces. The blade remains stable and thereby stops it from slipping around while in operation. The head lets a person fine-tune the razor’s aggressiveness (sharpness) with ease.

What we like

It offers to adjust the aggressiveness by turning the handle from setting 1 to 6, separated by distinct marks for each number. The head is either lifted or lowered by rotating the handle, which exposes a smaller or wider distance between the safety bar and the blade.

When you’re a beginner, it’s best to start setting 1 before slowly rising the blade angle to find a position that fits the shaving requirements. While attempting to shave small areas of skin, such as the nose,  it is recommended to use settings 1.


  • Adjustable razor angle gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want it aggressive
  • Good weight allows you to pretty much let it do most of the work
  • The long handle is great for men with large hands
  • Gives a close but extremely comfortable shave
  • This is a great looking razor because of its Beautiful chrome finish.


  • The bulky head may give you some when trying to shave small areas of skin, such as the nose.
  • No knurling – things may get slippery in moist conditions
  • You have to be careful when adjusting the settings – avoid doing it with a wet hand, or you will cut yourself

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3. VIKINGS BLADE The Emperor Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Emperor Safety Razor

This heavy two-piece razor is a perfect option for both amateurs and professionals making it the best safety razor for beginner. The razor suits all normal double-edged blades. It sounds simply like a razor made to last a lifetime. It is rough and accurate.

The control knob configuration is precise and works with strong smoothness. This is a shorter handled razor than the first Vikings Blade Emperor razor and still weighs 4.72 ounces. Vikings Blade perfect versatile safety razor that flows inherent power from its architecture and craftsmanship.

What we like

The symmetrical burrs found at the corners are one of the key style features of this razor. These burrs drive the blade’s tip, then gently bend it when you shave. This concept was rigorously tested, and various testers found it successful. It will give you an exceptional flawless shave. It has micro-settings for a smooth and close shaving, which will certainly deliver great shaving experience without harming you.


  • The adjustment knob is perfectly placed
  • It weighs 134 grams and is solid enough for providing satisfying performance and longevity.
  • Beautiful bronze design


  • Some people don’t like its short handle

4. Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber Pole Safety Razor

Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber Pole Safety Razor

It has a rough handle that makes handling with wet hands easy. Even though the price tag is a bit high, this high-quality safety razor is enjoyed by many people. The safety razor handle is literally designed to last a lifetime.

The handle is textured for quick grip, ideal for wet shaving, even with damp hands you can get a good rasp without slipping and hurting yourself. When you’re about to remove the blade, just detach the razor handle and put the blade in. They ‘re going to save you money while offering a great shave.

What we like

It has a good amount of weight and a high degree of craftsmanship. The weight allows the shaver to exert less pressure on the stroke, resulting in less discomfort. Once the handle is tightened, the blades are tightly held in the proper position. This safety razor will deliver the smoothest, closest shave you can imagine.


  • The weight allows you to use a lighter pressure which means less irritation
  • Blades will align well when you tighten the handle
  • 2-piece design is very durable
  • Moderately aggressive
  • An excellent option for beginners


  • Barber pole handle design and length may not be for everyone
  • Might be difficult for men with smaller hands to handle

5. Parker 66R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 66R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

It is good to get a little bit of weight behind a razor sometimes. For those who like some heft in their razor handles, the Parker 66R is certainly the best Parker safety razor. Strikingly easy to use and sensitive to really clean shaves, this is a perfect choice for those who are only starting to try wet shaving.

The Parker 66R is a safety razor that looks super strong and an enjoyable shaving experience for the users. This safety-razor features a twist-to-open mechanism that makes it simple and fast to remove the blade while the chrome-plated brass frame guarantees reliability even when using the safety-razor under wet conditions. This was designed to provide the customer with minimal skin discomfort, with a very smooth and clean shave

What we like

The Parker 66R sports a long 3.75-inch textured-handle that even in damp conditions gives the user a tight grip. Last but not least, this safety-razor Parker 66R features a double-edge style, ensuring that any regular double-edge blade will fit in its head to provide a smooth and clean shave for the customer.


  • It helps the user to conveniently remove the blades, as it features a Twist-To-Open head mechanism.
  • This safety-razor is extra-sustainable and rust-resistant as it features a 100% brass frame that is also chrome-plated for successful results in the guarding.
  • This also allows the user a comfortable or solid grip.
  • This even uses regular double-edge blades that are also very cheap and also help to provide a faster, safer shave for the consumer.


  • Some users reported issues with the clamps
  • It features a Super Heavyweight design and can even easily irritate your skin if not used at the right shaving-angle

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6. MÜHLE TRADITIONAL Chrome Safety Razor

Merkur Classic MK 34C


Muhle is a German company, and one of the finest makers of shaving equipment in the world. They make the best safety razors for beginner. They used their experience to produce this amazing razor with an open-comb model. Their concept may sound somewhat confusing, there is no reason to scare off someone with safety razor experience. You ‘re going to get a perfect and safe shave. One or two passes will get the job full with most beards.

What we like

It comes with a beautiful chrome finish which makes it the best double-edge safety razor solely in terms of its looking. The efficiency of this razor is the same as its looks, It has been specially designed with an open tooth comb, keeping beginners in mind.

The unique angle of the blade gives you a quick, aggressive shaving experience without any fear of cutting. The open configuration of the tooth comb as well as the space behind the edge of the foam means no stubble gathers on the bottom, making cleaning a simple job.


  • It is ergonomically built and features a beautiful chrome-plated finish.
  • It gives you the perfect shaving experience.
  • It is a lightweight medium-length handle razor
  • It is really easy to clean because of its design
  • it looks just as smooth as you might imagine from Muhle.


  • Lighter than other safety razors
  • The grip could be better

7. Bevel Double Edge Safety Razor

Bevel Double Edge Safety Razor

The Bevel safety razor has been designed to shave just your skin’s surface, and no further. Most multi-blade razors tend to slit the skin and hair follicles under the surface, leaving behind razor bumps and ingrown hairs. For its cutting duties, the Bevel razor uses only a single blade,  giving you a more relaxed and efficient shave.

The skillfully weighted handle also helps the razor and gravity to do the job for you, rather than pushing or dragging the razor over your neck. Due to its longevity, usefulness, and flexibility for all kinds of skin and beard at such a pocket friendly price make it a perfect choice for beginners.

What we like

Unlike multi-blade razors, The Bevel Razor shaves right at the skin surface to help you minimize razor bumps. Bevel was designed to aid people suffering from chronic incubated hairs and razor bumps, especially those with curly hair. It is the perfectly weighted razor which makes it easy and simple to shave. Featuring a basic but beautiful style, this Bevel’s re-engineered single blade safety razor will certainly boost your shaving experience.


  • The razor is generously weighted, enabling you to handle the blade without much effort.
  • It is specially built to shave right at skin level, which improves the shave’s smoothness without the bumps and burns of those irritating razors.
  • An eye-catching style that provides a successful shave that does not damage your skin either, with this alternative you can’t go wrong.


  • Doesn’t come with a stand

8. Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor

Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor

Merkur is a German manufacturer which already has many safety razors of their brand in the market. Not just razor they make brushes as well. Unlike the Future and vision of the same revolutionary company, it comes with a plastic knob at its base that makes adjustments.

Although some features may make this safety razor not the most comfortable for beginners, practicing and perfecting your shaving skills only takes a little work to get the most out of this product. This razor can be gentle or aggressive according to the need of the user. It is a flexible razor and it all depends on the settings of the razor to which you configure it.

Why we like

It gives you the benefit of making changes in the aggressiveness of the razor. For safety, the aggressiveness of the razor can be changed through a knob. If you have delicate skin around your neck, you can turn the settings on low to shave the hair around your neck. You can turn it up while grooming your cheeks and mustache for better aggressiveness.


  • Settings can vary between mild and aggressive depending on the shavers needs
  • You can play with a shave setting for 3 passes and a shave setting for 2 passes and still get decent results
  • The razor has a nice construction giving it a great shape
  • This product is exceptional, as long as you have a little experience to handle its aggressiveness.


  • The handle is a bit slippery
  • Assembling the razor and using it is slightly hard for beginners.

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9. Feather AS –D All Stainless Steel Double – Edge Razor

Feather AS is highly appreciated for its classic design, quality, and elite craftsmanship. It is first in our list of best safety razors for beginners because it has a sleek design with a very comfortable handle that’s around 3.5 inches.  The razor is crafted with quality steel that comes with excellent durability, firm handle, and elegant look.

The best part is that you get five replaceable blades along with the razor. The name of the razor is just perfect for this one as its just 90g in weight. This is best for beginners with the head of about 1.7 inches long and slim width of only 1 inch.

So don’t carry off with your confusions. This razor is perfect for beginners with less weight, sleek features, comfortable handle, and double-edged blades.  What more do you need?


  • It gives a clean shave with no room for cuts or irritation
  • Non – slip grip even during wet shaves
  • Provides a smooth shave with fewer strokes
  • Value to money product


  • Length of the razor can be improved

10. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Are you one of the wet shavers who want smoother shaves? Edwin Jagger is ideal for you. With the world of cartridge razors, Edwin comes with a double edge razor that’s very luxurious to use. The chrome plating of the razor is just ravishing.

The whole razor has that chrome finish that gives the razor a classic aristocratic look. It is second in our list of best safety razors for beginners because it has a mild aggressiveness where you can use for medium type hair. It has a very comfortable razor length of 3.9 inches that concentrates on the contours more efficiently than other razors.

It does have a knurling design and a firm handle. Well, it’s ideal for beginners.



  • High-Quality Razor
  • Good length
  • Doesn’t slip during wet shaving
  • Stylish outlook
  • Affordable price


  • The chrome finish does need careful attention for the starters
  • The grip can be improvised

11. Viking BLADE the Chieftain Safety Razor

Viking is one brand that’s been ruling the razor arena for ages. Viking invokes the art of shaving in you, and it gives luxury shaves. This brand is the favorite one for both the experts and beginners. The razor has got its form made of Swedish quality materials.

The razor comes with an elegant chrome finish and a glossy appearance. If you want to bring a classic sleek razor in your shaving experience, this one is perfect. This product has ranked third in our list of best safety razors for beginners because it has a comfortable short handle that’s easy to hold. It also gives a good grip.

Viking Chieftain is one brand that offers you luxurious shave at quick and smooth moves.



  • Aggression level is perfect for beginners
  • Can you believe the razor comes with a lifetime warranty?
  • Advanced butterfly head
  • Classic luxurious outlook
  • Great control while you shave


  • Mild aggression level is not suitable for all

12. MERKUR 34C Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur is ideal for the perfect shaving experience. If you are against the latest cartridge razors and looking for something more comfortable, this one is ideal for you. It is an expert choice for both the beginners and experienced shavers.

It is a high-end razor that has a bright chrome plated finish. It ensures that you don’t feel any irritation or cuts during shaves. On the other hand, you can fix the double-edged blades within a few seconds.

You need not worry about the aggressiveness, its mild and ideal for the beginners. However, it is sharp enough to handle rough bears also. You need a few more strokes for thick facial hair. The length the around 3 inches, probably the shortest one in the market!


  • Baby smooth shave with fewer strokes
  • Best for beginners
  • Firm grip
  • Comfortable to handle just like usual Gillette razors


  • The handle is quite short

Things to Consider Before Buying a Safety Razor

  • Technically there are two different razor types of double edge and cartridge razors.
  • Look for the handle and grip whether they have the right length and firm grip. A longer or a heftier handle can be challenging to handle for beginners.
  • You can find two different heads like open comb style and solid style. An open comp head is perfect for thick and long beard. The solid bar is ideal for men having medium length hair, and the razor is not as aggressive as the comb type.
  • The aggressive part of the razor decides the shaving speed. The aggressive razors promise to give a closer shaving with few strokes compared to the normal ones.
  • You can find two types of edges like a single edge and double edge safety razor. However, the cartridge razors are high in the market, but the single razors are proved to be high in quality.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Feathers AS -D All Stainless is listed first in the list of best safety razors for beginners?

It is because of unique design and it’s comfortability.

  • What are the important points to remember before thinking to buy best safety razors for beginners?

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  • What are some tips to get started with safety razors for the first time

When you are using one of the above best safety razors for beginner for the first time, there is a learning curve. Most best safety razors for beginner are heavier than plastic cartridge razors and it will give you a very different feel in your hand. It’s going to take 10-15 shaves for you to finally love it. Watch some shaving videos on YouTube, that will help to understand.

  • How safety razors help in saving the environment?

Blades of best safety razors for beginner are either stainless steel or carbon steel and that can be recycled easily. Unlike cartridge razors that go straight into our landfills, a DE blade can safely be recycled to the amount of a hundred billion cartridges a year!

Let the recycling depot know that they are knives so that they can treat them correctly. By shaving with a safety razor, you remove one less item you need to throw into a landfill. Reward yourself on the back believing that you are better off the world for the next generation

  • How a safety razor saves money?

While buying one of the above best safety razors for beginner, It will cost more than the plastic cartridge razor.  But It will save money while the replacement blades. Many plastic shaving cartridges cost around 4 US dollars per cartridge, while double-edge razor blades cost a fraction. If you brought blades in bulk then it will definitely save money.

  • How to maintain a safety razor?

You just have to clean it at regular intervals and keep Safety razor away from dirt.

  • How is shaving with a safety razor different from shaving from modern cartridge razor?

There is a difference in shaving with modern cartridge razors and shaving with a safety razor.  The maker determines the angle of the blade tip against the skin in a cartridge razor, whereas in safety razors the shaver needs to fix the angle “manually” through small changes to the way the razor is placed against the skin, with very little pressure on the razor.

Conclusion: Best Safety Razors For Beginners 2022

Are you a beginner looking for classic double-edged razors that can give you a smooth shave? Well, all the razor mentioned above is comfortable for the beginners. Don’t worry about the irritation or low-quality blades. All the above-discussed products are higher end products with affordable price.

Go back to the luxurious shaves of the past where the cartridge razors are ruling the arena.  We have discussed in detail all the necessary specifications and features.

I hope this article would have helped you to pick out an ideal razor for you. Let us know more about your best safety razor for beginners priorities.

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